Sorry for the Long Blog Absence

It’s been awhile since I have posted to my blog. I do apologize for that, but I got distracted with all the other Snap-Hookz Golf goings on.
Among other things we have created more products in our line. The Glove Square and Tee Caddy to name a few have been quite popular.

Glove Square

Please visit to see what else we have done since the last blog.


I look forward to discussing many topics including the 2016 PGA Tradeshow in my next post. Till then,  take care! Derek Queener

Golfers are People & Make Mistakes

My two cents on Dustin Johnson is this, he’s human.
Just because a guy can bomb it 350 off the tee and hit a pitching wedge 170 does not make him super human. The fact that he is a pro golfer also does not mean he is a extraordinary gentlemen who can’t make bad choices.
He calls penalty strokes on himself just like every other golfer on tour but failed to call a penalty on his addiction.
The pressure of a golf superstar shouldn’t be greater than that of those just trying to pay the rent but maybe it is?
DJ did coke and smoked weed in a sport where cursing is frowned upon and he should know better. The fact is he did what he did and either couldn’t stop or didn’t try.
It’s not easy having something stronger than you take over – when you feel in control, but it happens to people everyday. Doctors, lawyers, teachers and apparently even golfers on the PGA Tour.
Don’t judge him and jump on the “what a waste of talent” bandwagon.
People (golfers) are fallible and if you are reading this, you too are human.
Walk in a man’s golf spikes for a few 1000 holes before you decide on whether he’s a waste of talent or if he made mistakes and will be better for them.